Technical Capabilities

Bayards is not a company producing standard mass products. On the contrary, for us the tailor made projects are the real challenge. We provide smart solutions in which the typical advantageous characteristics of aluminium are combined in an intelligent way. To accomplish this, our specialized and experienced employees have the disposal of the latest technologies and tools. This means that we can advise our customers about the feasibility of the project at the early stage, even before designs are initiated. A summary overview of the workforce and technologies we can employ are as follows:

  • Design & engineering: experienced and qualified engineers use state-of-the-art CAD/CAM software for all design and technical engineering work.
  • Project management: dedicated, skilled and experienced project managers who are able to manage projects with great flexibility to meet clients expectations.
  • Quality management: Bayards is used toall kinds of clients' specifications, it is our natural way of managing contracts and specifications. Eventually it has culminated in a more formal Quality System according to ISO9001+AQAP 2120. This quality forms an integral part of the organisation.
  • Welding aluminium: skilled and experienced MIG- and TIG-welders who work in accordance with all actual national and international standards, using advanced, mostly digital equipment - including robots and friction stir welding - to deliver first class work.
  • Milling of aluminium: Bayards has one of Europe's largest 5-axal, high speed and high precision gantry milling machines.
  • Profile Milling: fully computerized profile milling (Profiles up to 18000mm long and 700mm high can be machined).
  • Finishing and painting: carried out in-house. We use modern surface treatment techniques to prepare the product for an excellent finishing in accordance withcustomer demands.

For more than fifteen years Bayards is been working in accordance with the ISO and AQAP Quality Standards. The company is also qualified by the German GSI according to DIN4113 and DIN6700. On site test facilities include qualified dye-penetrate, X-ray, helium and hydrostatic leak-testing.

Bayards has been awarded with the International Aluminium Award on several occasions.      

Technical Capabilities