Chicago Nichols Bridgeway

The 600 foot (180 metres) pedestrian bridge,which was opened in 2009, links the Chicago Art Institute with Millenium park. Nichols Bridgeway was designed by world famous architect Renzo Piano. In accordance with Piano's highly esthetical design Bayards engineered and manufactured the aluminium bridge deck. In Chicago, this masterpiece is a symbol of the connection of two worlds - a world of public with a world of art. For Bayards, the bridge is another example and confirmation of the fact that aluminium is not only an extremely light, environmental friendly and strong material but it is also perfectly suitable for industrial design.

Apart from the esthetical requirements the Nichols bridgeway had to provide a safe passage for pedestrians all year round. Therefore Bayards has specially designed extruded aluminium planking profiles and equipped them with electrical heat tracing cables which made the bridgeway snow- and ice-free even at temperatures of minus 30 degrees Celsius (-22 degrees Fahrenheit).