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'Aluminum bridges are the future' is a quote we subscribe to. With one restriction: this future has already begun. Our own recent contribution confirms this. Bayards has designed, engineered and constructed a wide variety of briges.


  • The replacement of concrete bridge sections with aluminum, to reduce structureweight and increase carrying capacity;
  • Uiverbrug bridge (a drawbridge) in Amsterdam(designed by Prof. Ir. Jan Brouwer);
  • Westerdokbrug bridgein Amsterdam(designed by Meyer en van Schooten architects);
  • Several pedestrian bridges in the Netherlands(Lelystad DdK + Jurgen van Staade architects and others);
  • Replacement of deck elements for Haringvlietbrug;
  • Replacement and extension of pedestrian and service bridge for Maarssen.

As the first example shows, a significant and increasing activity in this field is replacing bridge structures with new ones utilizing aluminum. This can vary from the replacement of just some specific parts such as suspension structures or decking to complete replacement.

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